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Unlike the usual or regular mode of tattooing, semi permanent make-up is more enhanced and modified to suit all skin types and skin tones. This is fitting for individuals who already want to relinquish the hassles of painstakingly and compulsively putting on make-up that takes up hours to finish and perfect, only to repeat it the following day and the rest of the days after that. This innovative alternative is your all time cosmetically, and requires touch ups only as frequently as you need. Consult with proficiently qualified specialists like who can offer you gold standard semi permanent make-up services. This technique peruses of a device of lesser reverberation that would go into your skin just lightly and with exact accuracy to give you the desired effects.

Upon your first visit, you would be appraised for the technique type if you are fit for it. This will use pigments that will not cause allergic reactions on any type of skin, would correspond to your skin tone and combine well with your chosen make-up. Inquire about several coloring and shapes from specialists like that will work best for your skin tone and facial aspects. Here are some of the features that semi permanent make-ups can enhance.

The eyebrows

To aid in making the eyebrows look natural, many colored hair lines that are thin and soft would be drawn to have that full and gorgeous eyebrow effect. This is suitable for individuals who are undergoing some hair fall may be due to a hair condition or those that have too much plucked at their eyebrows. Your eyebrows’ line, curve, and shape can be enhanced with this technique, and some length may be added to it, including raising it as necessary. A tender glow of youth can be achieved with eyebrows made fuller.

The eyes

Various ways can give the eyes its accent for your desired effects in mind. Whether it be doe-eyed, smoky eyed, cat eyed, and with the use of pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners that may run and smudge sometime in the day, not to mention the challenge of actually perfectly drawing and setting a specific eye effect. With semi permanent technique, the eyeliner can be enforced in any variation from light thin lines to dark and daring effects. Fuller lashes can also be accomplished, whether soft or intense with several techniques like placing dots or some layering.


The lips

Semi permanent colors and lining to the lip can enhance your lips’ shape and contour. Your lips can also be improved to make it more even if it is irregularly proportioned, adding more volume to it. Several techniques like tracing your natural lips’ lining can give your lips a youthful shape.

The breasts

In addition to reconstructing the breasts for those who underwent breast surgery, the areola and nipples can also be reconstructed using the pigments used for semi permanent make-up. Even post surgical scars can be remedied.

Covering a scar

Any type of scarring; post surgery, burns, or other can be covered and transformed with semi permanent make-up, especially if your scar is darker than your skin tone or has developed into other consistency than your regular skin surface.

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